Current Projects

Impact of Human Capital Interventions

The impact of a creche programme in Rio

with Pedro Carneiro, David Evans, Pedro Olinto and Norbert Schady

The impact of a Scholarship Program in Mexico

with Rafael de Hoyos and Costas Meghir

The long run impact of a conditional cash transfer program in Colombia

with Luca Pellerano and Olga Romero

Human Capital Accumulation in Developing Countries

Inferring beliefs about the production function

with Sarah Cattan

Eliciting Beliefs about the production function

with Flavio Cunha and Pamela Jervis

Intra Household Allocation of resources

The impact of targeting a conditional cash transfer program: evidence from Macedonia

with Alex Armand, Pedro Carneiro and Valerie Lechene

Changing and Assessing Control: women empowerment and targeted transfers

with Ingvild Almas, Alex Armand and Pedro Carneiro.

Consumption over the business cycle and the life cycle

(S)cars in US recessions

with Kieran Larkin, Mario Padula and Morten Ravn

Euler equations, subjective expectations and income shocks

with Agnes Kovacs and Krisztina Molnar

Risk Sharing

Sticks and Carrots in Mexican Villages: Imperfect enforceability and subjective expectations

(Walras Bowley Lecture)

Risk Sharing with Imperfectly Enforceable Contracts

with Melanie Morten and Jose Guerra

Social Capital, Conflict and Risk Sharing

with Elisa Cavatorta Heterogeneous

Preferences and Risk Sharing

with Elisa Cavatorta and Bansi Malde

Demographic trends, OLG Models, Saving

Can habits explain high saving in fast growing developing economies?

with Andrea Bonfatti, Sagiri Kitao and Guglielmo Weber

Measurement tools

The evolution of subjective income expectations

with Manuel Arellano and Britta Augsburg

I am involved in several projects aimed at designing and validating new measurement tools in:

  • Child development
  • Beliefs
  • Subjective Expectations
  • Attitudes


In October 2014 I gave the Zeuthen lectures at the University of Copenhagen on life cycle models of consumption and labour supply. I am now writing a Monograph from those lecture that will be published by MIT press.

Slides for the three lectures can be found here, here and here.